KCET 2024 Exam Pattern , Marking Scheme, Subject wise Syllabus

KCET 2024 Exam Pattern: The Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is a state-level exam administered by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). It’s designed to facilitate admission to various undergraduate courses in Karnataka. KCET is also referred to as Karnataka CET, Kar CET, KEA UGCET, or K-CET. The exam covers professional courses like B.Tech, B.E, B. Pharm, B.Arch, and BSc, offered by both private and government educational institutions.

KCET 2024 Exam Pattern , Marking Scheme, Subject wise Syllabus
KCET 2024 Exam Pattern
KCET Exam ModePen-Paper Based Exam (Offline)
KCET SessionsSession 1: Mathematics
Session 2: Physics
Session 3: Chemistry
Medium of examinationEnglish or Kannada
Duration80 Minutes (1 Hour 20 Minutes)
Type of QuestionsMCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
KCET Total Questions180 Questions
KCET Marking SchemeEach Question Carry 1 Mark

KCET 2024 Exam Pattern

Sections Questions Duration 
Physics 60 80 minutes 
Chemistry 60 80 minutes 
Mathematics/Biology 60 80 minutes 
Kannada (in case) 50 60 minutes 

KCET 2024 Marking Scheme

Subject/PaperTotal No. of QuestionsTotal MarksNegative Marking
Biology 6060 (1 mark per question)No
Mathematics60 60 (1 mark per question)No
Physics 60 60 (1 mark per question)No
Chemistry60 60 (1 mark per question)No

KCET Physics Syllabus 2024

KCET Physics Topics 2024

1st Year PUC Topics2nd year PUC
Physical World and EnvironmentElectrostatics
Laws of MotionCurrent Electricity
Work, Energy and PowerMagnetic Effects of Current and Electricity
GravitationElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
Properties of Bulk MatterOptics and Electromagnetic Waves
ThermodynamicsDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Kinetic TheoryAtoms and Nuclei
Oscillations and wavesElectronic Devices
KCET 2024 Exam Pattern

KCET Chemistry Syllabus 2024

KCET Chemistry Topics 2024

1st Year PUC2nd Year PUC
Basic Concepts of ChemistrySolid State and Solutions
Periodicity of ElementsElectrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureIsolation of Elements
States of MatterD and F Block Elements
Chemical ThermodynamicsCoordination Compounds
Equilibrium and Redox ReactionHaloalkanes and Haloarene
S-Block and P-Block ElementsAlcohols, Phenols and Ether
Organic Chemistry and HydrocarbonsAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid
Environmental ChemistryBiololeculed and Polymers
KCET 2024 Exam Pattern

KCET Maths Syllabus 2024

KCET Maths Topics 2024

1st Year PUC2nd Year PUC
Introduction to 3D GeometryInverse Trigonometric Functions
Mathematical ReasoningMatrices
StatisticsApplication of Integrals
Principles of Mathematical InductionLinear Programming
Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsContinuity and Differentiability
Linear InequalitiesDeterminants
Permutation and CombinationVector Algebra and 3D Geometry
Binomial Theorem and SetsApplication of Derivatives

KCET Biology Syllabus 2024

KCET Biology Topics 2024

1st Year PUC2nd Year PUC
Neural Control and CoordinationHuman Reproduction
Photosynthesis and Respiration in PlantsMicrobes in Human Welfare
Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionOrganism and Population
Body Fluids and CirculationEcosystem
Morphology and Anatomy of Flowering PlantsEnvironmental Issues
Locomotion and MovementEvolution
Biological ClassificationBiodiversity and Conservation
KCET 2024 Exam Pattern


Is board marks considered for KCET 2024?

50 % marks of PCMB/Cs will be considered

Does KCET have negative marks?

No Negative Marking in KCET

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