Village Accountant Syllabus 2024: VA Exam Pattern

Village Accountant Syllabus 2024: The selection process primarily involves a Written (Offline) Test, which is divided into two papers. General Knowledge and General Kannada, Common English, and Computer Knowledge. The entire examination carries a total weightage of 200 marks.

The Karnataka Village Accountant Exam in 2024 will be conducted through a written examination. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its exam pattern:

  • The exam will consist of objective multiple-choice questions (MCQs), making it easier for candidates to answer.
  • Each paper of the Karnataka Village Accountant Exam will contain 100 MCQs, providing a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ knowledge.
  • The total marks for the examination will be 200, with equal weightage given to both papers.
  • Candidates will be awarded 1 mark for each correct answer, but there will be a penalty of 0.25 marks deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • Both Paper I and Paper II will have a duration of 2 hours each, giving candidates ample time to complete the exam sections.

Village Accountant Syllabus 2024 pdf download

Village Accountant Exam Pattern 2024 : Paper I & Paper II

Paper I– General knowledge topics related to current events

– Subjects of Daily Comprehension

– Subjects of School View of Constitution of India

– History of India with special reference to Karnataka

– Geography of India in relation to Karnataka

– Matters relating to State and Territorial Administration

– Matters relating to the development of the economy of Karnataka

– Matters relating to environmental issues and development of Karnataka
1002 Hours
Paper II– General Kannada Language

– General English Language

– Computer knowledge
1002 Hours
TotalVillage Accountant Syllabus 20242004 Hours

Village Accountant Syllabus for Paper 1

General knowledge Topics

  • National and International News
  • Sports Events
  • Awards and Honors
  • Recent Government Schemes
  • Major Political Developments
  • Science and Technology Updates

Daily Comprehension

  • Reading and Understanding Passages
  • Extracting Key Information
  • Drawing Inferences
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension Skills

Constitution of India

  • Preamble and Objectives
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Amendment Procedures
  • Judiciary and Constitutional Authorities

History of India with reference to Karnataka

  • Ancient History of India
  • Medieval History of India
  • Modern History of India
  • Historical Sites in Karnataka
  • Karnataka’s Role in Indian Independence

Geography of India in relation to Karnataka

  • Physical Geography of India
  • Climate and Vegetation
  • Major Rivers and Mountains
  • Districts and Geographical Features of Karnataka
  • Natural Resources of Karnataka

 State and Territorial Administration

  • State Government Structure
  • Local Governance (Panchayats and Municipalities)
  • Administrative Divisions
  • Law and Order Situation
  • Special Provisions for Certain Areas

Economy of Karnataka

  • Economic Development Plans
  • Rural Development Initiatives
  • Role of Panchayat Raj Institutions
  • Rural Co-operative Societies
  • Initiatives for Agricultural Growth

 Environmental issues and Development of Karnataka

  • Environmental Conservation Programs
  • Biodiversity in Karnataka
  • Forest and Wildlife Conservation
  • Pollution Control Measures
  • Sustainable Development Initiatives
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General Kannada Language

  • Grammar and Syntax
  • Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Kannada Literature
  • Current Usage and Trends

General English Language

  • Grammar and Usage
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Skills
  • Verbal Ability

Computer knowledge

  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Software and Hardware
  • Internet and Networking
  • Computer Security
  • Recent Technological Advancements
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Compulsory Kannada Language

  • The Compulsory Kannada Language Test is a multiple-choice model paper.
  • It carries a maximum of 150 marks.
  • Candidates must score a minimum of 50 marks to qualify in this test.
  • Those who fail to score the minimum 50 marks will not be eligible for selection.
  • The marks obtained in the Compulsory Kannada Language Test will not be considered for the selection of posts.


What is the salary of a Village Accountant in 2024?

Rs. ₹21,400 to ₹42,000 per month.

Negative marking in village accountant exam?

1 mark for each correct answer, but there will be a penalty of 0.25 marks deducted for each incorrect answer.

How is a Village Accountant selected?

 Village Accountant selection Process involves a written test and an interview

Is Village Accountant Syllabus 2024 tough?

Depends on the preparation of the candidate.

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